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You have reached our Flexkom Updates Page which is definitely one of the most important pages on the website. On this page you are going to get information fresh off the press on all things Flexkom.

This can include updated information on new Flexkom products, new , new launches, or information or ideas on how best to promote the Flexkom brand across the UK and the rest of the world.

We are in the fortunate position of being in at the start of this exciting new business just before it becomes a worldwide known brand, and we can make the most of it by keeping in touch with all the new developments that are coming out from this innovative new company. The more information we have the more we can put this knowledge to our use and promote the company and ourselves in the process.

The fact that Flexkom is a relatively new business, combined with the fact that it is involved in the newest technological advances, means that the company is a fast moving and continually evolving company, so you need to keep pace with them by keeping in touch with all the new developments, and this is where we come in.

So please watch this space!! ——————————————————————————————————————————–

From UK Country Manager Ian Driscoll

Hi Everyone,
I deeply regret the communication issues we have had with Flexkom but we now have the ability to send out to all UK Flexkom Partners up to date information on where we are, and convey latest UK news etc. Lesley and I were in Munich on the 15th 16th July with some of the UK team to find out all about the Business Center Manager and Technical trainer ( BCM & BMTT ) That is the support system that is being rolled out in all Flexkom countries and that will be great !!
Flexkom have now acquired the Business and Domain name of Flexcom.com note with a C not a K. It will not effect anything as redirects and forwards will be put in place for this. For example if you have business cards printed a redirect will take place so you can still use any materials you have. Please wait till this is announced before you use www.flexcom.com.


So we move into Flexkom 2.0 as you can see the Pioneering stages are now over. If you joined Flexkom prior to the 31st March 2014 you have the Pioneering Crown in your back office and will keep the 20% as a GTM and the 20% + 10% as a GTM VIP So GTM is similar now as a K10 and GTM VIP is similar as GT VIP and we keep these percentages for life. So check out the K1 K3 K5 K10 & K20 packages for new Team Members.

You will notice that there have been several App updates that have upset things and knocked fields around. However there will not be the requirement to do this as much so updates will not be as frequent. You can now see the Radar Function on the App and it can guide you to the Kobi’s

Again same as the App many upgrades have gone out recently and there will not be the requirement for that many in the future. Have you seen the World Cup offer ??? Currently you can get a POS for just €299 and check out the Flexkom shop also. You should when you receive a POS from Flexcom do a check on it, boot it up check for updates etc. If it has any software issues contact myself and we can rectify that. If it has a hardware fault i.e. wont boot up or charge etc again please contact me. Flexcom have an exchange policy so that they will deliver a replacement to your door and you can hand the faulty unit to the delivery driver as an exchange with no cost to you
Currently Flexkom are working through International regulations. that is one of the issues. However an issue that Flexkom were not aware of has been fixed. So the customer goes to the Kobi he gets his cashback on his Mobile the Kobi owner goes into his back office confirms the transaction, creates an invoice follows the link and pays. The Flexmoney. The Flexmoney then turns green and for now if the customer wishes they can retrieve their money into their Bank account. Over €50 it is free to transfer. If under it will cost the customer €5.00 for the transfer from their Flexmoney. The Partner needs to advise the Kobi how to make the payment.

Yes Flexkom are to be a Bank as part of requirement for our Global system. That gives us massive credibility. The Bank will be in Munich and the good news is that anyone can have a Bank Account with them. So this is moving along.

In your back office now you can apply for the Flexkom Payoneer Debit card as an option to recieve funds from Flexkom. Customers Kobi’s and us Partners can all have this.

Again the brilliant Flexgold that everyone can choose to be paid with. This is a master stroke by Flexkom for all of us. Again this is progressing and we will have notifications on that soon.

Progress with the Flexkom Smart phone are going well and Beta testing will commence ready for the Major launch in January 2015 ( Its just around the corner after Christmas. )

Again in Early January 2015 we will be having the celebration of our achievment somewhere in Europe more details will be given on that soon. It will be a monumental meeting and well worth attending.

We now have a very diverse array of shops in our Flexkom Groups, so all you need to do is open the App and show to a Shopkeeper and as long as they have more than 2 brain cells they are in, because it is no longer if it works it has worked and we can show that.


Flexkom have the Videomail system fully operational now as they said I will do an article on that soon for everyone.


Thanks to the Efforts of Tony Hodgkins and Adrian Cavill we now have our first British Football Club on board and that is Fantastic and will be the start of many more.

Best Wishes and Success

Ian Driscoll
Independant UK Country Manager

Telephone: +44 (0) 1535 210649
Mobile: +44 (0) 7968 / 006296


Here is a very interesting and must see article about how most UK SME`s lack any sort of mobile presence. This of course can easily be remedied by inviting them to join Flexkom.

Here is the link: SME`s Lack Mobile Presence 


July 1st 2014 Heralds The Start Of FlexGold

Flexkom as ever are being technological innovators by launching FlexGold, so the company can now offer this to their customers from the July 1st launch. So there will be the option of getting FlexGold with every purchase which is a stunning concept.


FlexGold will soon be fully integrated into the Flexkom system so that Flexkom customers will be able to look forward to the luxury of their own gold deposits. 

Flexkom have been working for the past year with an Austrian Gold Company towards the aim of creating the FlexGold product and now this has finally come to fruition. They will still pay off all the FlexMoney collected by their customers into their bank accounts, but I am sure they will all be looking forward to getting paid with gold in the near future, so they will be given the opportunity of exchanging their FlexMoney, free of charge, into FlexGold as soon as the system is fully active. Building small gold assets this way is going to be hugely beneficial to everyone that is connected with Flexkom.

Obviously the company will take market fluctuations into consideration and this will be part of the FlexGold system, and this is excellent news as customers who save these gold deposits will have even more buying power at a later point in time when the value of gold rises, as it historically does and surely always will. 

So Flexkom customers from this moment on can build gold assets without having to invest any money, a wonderful state of affairs I am sure you will agree!!


Merchants Flexkom Video

This is the latest most up to date video on the Flexkom business and although, again, it has been created by someone in the USA, the information is universal for all Flexkom people around the globe. 

The video is approximately 15 minutes long and although it is called Flexkom For Merchants it not only explains the Flexkom business from a merchants (kobis) point of view but also looks at the benefits for both customers and GTM`s in joining the Flexkom phenomenon. 

Here are some of the points the video covers:

Mobile marketing will be THE No.1 advertising platform in the world very soon.

Mobile Commerce will be bigger than Ecommerce by 2017. 

Mobile phone internet use accounted for 48% of all online traffic at the end of 2013.

Mobile sales accounted for nearly 29% of all online sales, up 40% on 2012.

Flexkom now has 70,000 Global Team Members.

Their core goal is to save the High Street from extinction.

The most popular activity on a smartphone is the search for local information.

The Kobis have a turnkey loyalty and rewards program with Flexkom.

They have the ability to increase customer retention and customer acquisition.

The Kobi determines the cost of his own promotion.

The cost to the Kobi is relative to what the customer spends.

The Kobis make residual passive income through their sponsored FlexApp holders shopping with other Kobis.

The distribution of commissions for each Flexkom sale is also well explained.

Please check out the video below:


Videos Explain Flexkom Succinctly

Although the 2 videos below have been created in the good ole US of A they are very good videos which explain the Flexkom model perfectly. And remember, although the US are now on board the Flexkom juggernaut it was us in the UK who helped pioneer this wonderful business!!

Here are the links to the videos:

The Flexkom Business Model

FlexCommerce Merchant Video


The World Financial Situation

Below is a link to a very powerful PDF called The Big Reset (War On Gold And The Financial Endgame). This is well worth a read and should open your eyes as to what is exactly going on and what the future may hold for us all.

Financial Endgame PDF


M-Commerce To Play Vital Role In UK Sales Over The Next Decade

The Economic Intelligence Unit has brought out a new report which is the result of predictions regarding online shopping up to 2022.

And it makes very interesting reading indeed. E-Commerce is predicted to be on the increase dramatically along with M-Commerce and S-Commerce (social media sales). It shows that online purchases will probably make up more than a third of all sales in the UK by 2022, which is quite astonishing. At present M-Commerce, E-Commerce and S-Commerce account for approximately 10% of all sales in the UK.

Chief retail analyst of the Economic Intelligence Unit, Jon Copestake, had this to say about the trend for online sales:

“The opportunities for retail over the next decade and beyond are enormous.” However, he also went on to say “But where the future markets will reside and the way in which we will buy goods will change dramatically. Retailers will need to evolve to adapt to this new landscape.”

For more information on this story check out the link at Mobile Commerces Vital Role



Message From Ian:

When you go to your Kobi’s, show them how easy it is for them to pay Flexkom the Cashback so that it turns Green on the Customers App:

Log into Kobi back office
Go To Finance
Go to Account

Go to Sales and confirm the payments by ticking those that are required and click Confirm Selected Sales
Then go to Confirmed Sales and it will show how much is to be paid to Flexkom. Continue and it takes you to the Pay by Card Option. Simply put the Card Details in and confirm and it is done.
The Kobi will get a statemant of the transactions so full records are there.

This Process takes 2 mins and the Kobi customers will in seconds see that their Flexmoney is Green AND CAN BE USED
Simples!! I ACTIVATED SOME TEST TRANSACTIONS TODAY and the GTM’s can see them as usable cash

So we have the full working system and things will go on improving all the time I am 100% sure of that.

YEEEESSSSSSSS!! As soon as the Kobi pays Flexkom the customers transaction is GREEN and more than that in your back office you see payments to YOU for people shopping at their local shops, and you get paid on that. It is a Vision I have had for 20 years and after many companies tried to do this Flexkom have succeeded. So proportionate to the number of Kobi’s you have brought on board you now have Residual Income For Life. FILL YOUR BOOTS YOU FLEXERS WE REALLY ARE GONNA ROCK!!

PS Don`t forget to order at least 1 Kobi Pack for each Kobi you have on board, to order 

Click On Kobi Pack Order Form 


Latest Information 24/04/2014

There is a new Update for the POS terminals. When it is switched on it will inform the user that a new update is available, they should click on OK to take the update and then confirm it. A screen will appear with all the new languages that are now available. If in the UK ignore this and just click NEXT on the Top Right of the screen and that`s it.

Android Update

There has been an update for all the Android phones software. It is your choice if you take that.


There is also an update to our App. When you take the update again the App will show a different Logo on it with minor changes also. Mine took the Android and App update together in fact.

Kobi Information

For a successful Kobi here are the best ways to optimise them:
Set up their Kobi online registration and agree the Cashback % with the Owner. When you get the sale, before you install the POS plan with the shopkeeper plan:

Where the unit will go
Where the power supply will be from
The Kobi MUST have the point of sale leaflets
The one piece and the folded leaflet version
A holder for the leaflets
A Window sticker
The 100 Flexcards.

You are letting the Kobi and yourself down if
they are not available for the Kobi to hand out
when they are busy.

When you do the install everything will be ready
to just plug the POS in and get it on the Kobi WiFi, 
that takes 3 mins.

The most important things are then: 
Take pictures of the outside of the shop
Take pictures of the inside of the shop
Take pictures of the owner and staff
Take pictures of their product or service
so that around 10 pictures are on the App
with a good written statement as well.

Now comes the MOST important step:
Show the shop owner how to get the App if they have a Smartphone, and show them how to print off the Static QR code. Then show the owner how to pass the App on to all of his staff. Inform the Staff that if they give the App away to their friends when they shop anywhere in Flexkom they will get 10% of part of the Cashback when their friends buy from Flexkom outlets. ( That is the incentive for them to get the Apps out there )

But also the most important thing is to spend time in the shop getting customers for them as this is what pays you for life !!!


Check Out These Statistics To See The Growth Of Ecommerce & M-Commerce & The Huge Potential Of Flexkom

There has never been a better opportunity for retailers to promote their business to a wider audience, get more customers to their business and sell more of their products and services than there is at this moment in time. All the statistics point to a huge growth in Mobile Commerce and Ecommerce over the next weeks, months and years.

People are beginning to feel more comfortable shopping online, and with the smartphone taking on more and more importance in the lives of such a large percentage of the worlds population, it is only natural that they are now using their smartphones to purchase their products directly. 

Lets look at a few statistics, which have been taken from a number of sources:

  • Around 50% of online sales are expected to be made by mobile phone by the end of this year

  • Around 30% of shoppers now change their mind about purchasing an item in-store after researching on their mobile phone

  • Ecommerce spending is expected to reach the staggering total of £45 billion in the UK this year

  • An increase of 15% in online spending this year is expected

  • 1 in 5 people will place an immediate call to a business after viewing it on their smartphone

The major companies are now working hard to use all the latest digital technology available to them to promote their products and services. Many, such as M&S and Amazon, are re-designing their websites, particularly their mobile and ecommerce platforms, to reflect the new trend in mobile shopping. 

Take Starbucks for instance, they launched a promotional campaign called Tweet-A-Coffee.

Mobile Commerce 

In 2011 Starbucks developed an App that would accept mobile payments, and would allow customers to connect Starbucks cards to the App, and then reload them through PayPal or a credit card. In this way customers could then pay for their coffees in Starbucks by opening up their App and holding up their phone to the cash register. This was way ahead of its time.  

They have now launched their Twitter campaign called Tweet-A-Coffee, which allows customers to buy a coffee for anyone on Twitter by tweeting @tweetacoffee along with the persons twitter handle. In doing this and connecting their Starbucks account to their Twitter account they can get a $5 gift card. This promotion is believed to have generated over $180,000 worth of sales in just a couple of months.

So as you can see the big companies are running with the new technology at a fast pace, it is up to the small to medium retailers to keep pace by harnessing the global power of Flexkom and joining a worldwide shopping community that is going to be using all the latest digital technology to promote and grow all its Kobi partners businesses. 

If you are a retailer and want a low cost, simple way to harness all the latest technology and use it to your businesses advantage, then contact us today for more information.



A Note From Ian Driscoll:

Hi to all you Flexers.There are plenty of things happening in Flexworld. First to make you all aware, we certainly have a solution to any Merchants that are doing mobile services i.e.Taxi companlies, Take aways, Mobile deliveries of any kind, Online companies etc etc. So if you have any of those type of companies please contact me and I can advise on how that is done for you !!

GO TO SUPPORT: When you log into your back office on the top right corner there is the Support Tab. Click that Tab and you will see the new support centre being set up. There will be lots more information there soon.

Your First Steps and the FAQ are not live yet but the Tutorials ( IN ENGLISH ) is, so there is quite a lot of Tutorials on how to do the basics in there.

We had the first Country Manager Webinar last night and many things were discussed and we organised a complete GLOBAL FIRST for FLEXKOM. After much discussion with Global experts in relation to Flexmoney and the legal regulations, Flexmoney will be backed by GOLD. We will have the choice of Money or Gold and so will the Merchants and the Customers. This calls for changes to the Flexmoney that has already been given and every customer that has Flexmoney will be delighted at what Flexkom are going to do for them. To prove the old adage ” You cant have your cake and eat it ” completely wrong !!

More info will be announced. The GOLD will commence on the 1st July 2014 So all that glitters is Flexkom LoL

If you have any people in Italy please contact them and invite them to the Italian Launch on the 11th of May in Rimini as there will be more announcements there and we can meet with them for you.


Don`t forget the Global Event on the 3rd January 2015 as this will be a day that will change the world with the launch of the Flexkom Smart Phone in Las Vegas! There are only 18,000 seats available and tickets will be on sale on the 15th May in your back office.


Every POS unit needs to have the approved Flexkom literature pack to assist in customer generation as per below.
Exciting time are ahead of us all, especially the Global Team Members that have deployed
the terminals in outlets already.
The KTM Terminals will be here in the UK very soon now so we need to be prepared
Keep your diary up to date with appointments, where you need to be and at what time,
this is a business so treat it like one and be professional.
Always remember first impressions count. Be smart, punctual and polite.

Once the terminals are deployed it is your duty to Help, Support and Service the outlet,
Dont just leave them.
Very Important, make sure the owner has your contact details.
The effort you put in to helping the outlets to succeed with Flexkom will determine the
income you both receive in the months to come.

We now need to create awareness, so in order to do this we need to spend time in the outlet, 
whether it`s a Hair Dresser, Florist, Restaurant, Bakery, Outfitters, it does not matter.
Helping to generate customers is the key to success and this is the role of the GTM.
Registering Customers, Giving Cards out and helping with the QR Codes is essential, 
this cannot be just left for the staff to do as we have to educate and assist them.

We now have the Kobi Support Packs which every outlet will need. The literature helps with
explaining the App download procedure step by step, which helps both the staff and customers.
As for details for customers to fill in regarding registering the card, this section should be left with
the outlet for them to do at their convenience. The benefits to using the Flexkom system and the online world are also explained.

The Kobi Support Pack is available to pre-order either online at 
http://thefutureofbusinessintheuk.com/kobi-support-materials/ or with the off line order form.
Please place your orders as soon as possible then we can pass the numbers needed to the
Despatch House to avoid orders not being fulfilled.
The Packs are £15 each including P&P. 
When the terminals arrive then we would ask you to settle the invoice, once payment is received
then we will release your order.

£15 is a very small price to pay for the income that a Terminal will generate with many customers so lets go go go!!!

A Visionary Company Is Conquering Europe & The World

If you want more information on how the Flexkom business model is going to be a global shopping phenomenon in the very near future then take a look at the link below which is a detailed Flexkom Report from The Obtainer magazine:

Obtainer Flexkom Report


Flexkom Is THE Best Option For The SME Market

Please take a look at the 2 links below which is more proof that Flexkom have moved into exactly the right market at exactly the right time, and why they are the best option for any SME. 

The first link is about how Googles mobile payment targets face a huge threat from retailers, and the second link states that retailers are losing 32% of shoppers to in-store mobile use. See them below:

Google Mobile Payment Goals

Retailers Lose Out To In-Store Mobile Use


A Message From Ian Driscoll, April 1st, 2014

Well where do I really start?! There was so much information from the 3 day meeting I attended in Munich. After Askers UK meetings and the KTM concept we are now awaiting confirmation of the delivery for them. We all agree that it is regretful that it has taken the time it has to get to the point of POS completion, but it is often said “Good things come to those who wait ” and that will surely be the case with Flexkom.

Until the 31st of May there is a UK promotional deal which is that if any existing GTM or New GTM registers just 5 new GTM’s by the 31st May they will achieve the rank of Sales Manager and be accredited also with the position of Regional Coordinator. So if you really want to get your people off to a brilliant start and €1,000 on top then this is an excellent incentive!! This is the BEST time ever to invite people to Flexkom with a fully operational system and this very special offer. So arrange your diary to do one on ones or any size of meetings, and lets ramp up the UK Team in April. As Flexkom have said there will be a price increase and a much improved way forward from May 1st. 

Cengiz has a strong vision as to how Flexkom will develop over the next few months and years and with his leadership we are sure to succeed. He attended a business meeting and had a conversation with Richard Branson, realized they had many things in common, and that has really enthused him!

There will be the launch of the Italian market in Rimini on the 11th May so be sure that if you know people in Italy you contact them.

I am happy to do meetings around the UK for New Prospects and am doing a training & meeting in Bristol on Thursday 3rd of May.

We have a plan going forward and our own Flexkom Smart Phone that will be available on the 3th January in Las Vegas. We wanted to book a venue for 30,000 people but there are none available so a Venue has been booked with a capacity of 18,000, so the Las Vegas event will sell out quickly. I would hope that we have a good amount of British people that will go over and attend as it will be in your interest to be there on such a historic day for Flexkom. 

We will soon have a back office area where we will be able to purchase Flexkom items, and the Ticket, Ticket Hotel options will also be available. 

Savas has put together some more Promo materials etc

Sven has done some Academy videos. We will have Training Modules and first steps for new GTM’s soon.

The VideoMailing system is fully operational and FK just need to make it look better so again that is just around the corner.

As I said before if anyone wants to be on a 5 person UK Advisory board please e-mail board@tiscali.me.uk.  Thanks to the people that have already replied as again we can then have regional levels on from that.

Well I have covered where things are right now so lets all get Flexing! Ian. 

UK Payment System Information To Date Mar 24th 2014

Below you can access both a webinar and a PDF by me on the Initial Payment System For The UK now that Flexkom is fully operational here. There were always going to be a few hurdles to overcome as this is such a unique and innovative system but now we have everything in place to push on and make Flexkom one of the biggest brands in the UK and beyond.

For those of you who attended the meetings over the weekend in either Manchester or Birmingham will know (and there will be a full report on these in the next couple of days on this website) some of the future innovations that Flexkom have in store for us are truly staggering and we will all benefit from these in the very near future.

Please note that we will have another payment option in the UK very soon which will mean that the Kobis will be able to pay Flexkom with their mobile phone no matter what bank they are with in the UK. This will make the payment process very smooth and easy for the Kobis. 

Here is the webinar recording which stopped just short of the end unfortunately, but I have also provided a link to a PDF below which has the last slide of the webinar on it.

Here is the webinar: 


And here is the PDF:

Payment Presentation PDF


Response To Andrew Penmans Article In The Mirror

Firstly here is copy of the article by Andrew Penman on Feb 6th 2014, which turned out to be a bit of a hatchet job on Flexkom:

Mirror consumer champion Andrew Penman considers whether something that looks too good to be true will only end up enriching those at the top.

Here’s a venture that is nothing less than the future of global business and is certain to make you a fortune.

Though naturally there are cynics who’ll say that it’s just another get-rich-quick scheme doomed to enrich only those at the top.

It’s called FlexKom and it’s busy recruiting internationally.

The cheerleader in Britain is “development executive” Ian Driscoll, whose website has the modest title of TheFutureOfBusinessInTheUK.com.

He says FlexKom “is going to become a global phenomenon” and you could “earn the sort of money that you have only previously dreamed of”.

“There is no time to waste,” he urges, because there are only limited licences available to “partners” – ie sales reps.

Just as bullish is the company’s founder, president and “visionary” Cengiz Ehliz, a German of Turkish origin and, apparently, “one of the 
most successful sales professionals in Europe”.

FlexKom is a sort of loyalty scheme that is supposed to benefit shops and shoppers – and, of course, the licensees who flog it – and it has already launched in Turkey.

So how does the company respond to reports there that 40,000 people have lost their investment?

It gave me a statement reading: “We have a court decision against that newspaper, but a law in Turkey does not allow us to make that official.”

There have also been reports that some licensees were given Mercedes cars but then charged for them.

FlexKom explained that successful reps are given lease cars – but if they stop meeting targets then they pay the hire costs themselves.

Google Trends, which shows how often a word is searched for, reveals that FlexKom went from nothing in Turkey in early 2011 to a peak in January 2012 and back to almost nothing now.

The firm admits “things are a little bit stalled” but insists it has several thousand Turkish retailers on board.

This is rather different to Driscoll’s webpage, where he says FlexKom has been a “resounding success” in Turkey.

The 61-year-old from Skipton, North Yorks, is a former garage owner turned serial entrepreneur.

His previous venture was an online advertising “business opportunity” called Banners Brokers that was branded an international pyramid scheme and, Driscoll admits, “turned into a nightmare”.

Direct selling, network marketing, pyramids, call it what you will, he confesses: “Often I am ashamed to be in the same industry as some bandits.”

But he’s certain he’s struck gold with FlexKom: “This is the future, mark my words.”

So far 1,200 partners have bought UK licences, although the company would not reveal how many UK shops are part of the scheme, beyond saying that during the first quarter of 2014 it will start “building up thousands of merchants”.

Driscoll admits that delays have provoked criticism of his vision of the future: “People are saying, ‘we’ve paid for our licence and have nothing to show for it’. I understand that criticism but they should find out what’s happened.”

That’s a reference to problems with the scanners given to FlexKom shops for recording sales – and the fact that the company is now on to version number four of the hardware which, insists Driscoll, does work.

But will the scheme work?

I put to him what seems to be a rather big flaw. If a FlexKom shop gives 10% cashback to a customer in virtual money, it is supposed to also give 10% to FlexKom.

What’s to stop the shop simply not telling FlexKom about the transaction?

Driscoll’s response was hardly convincing: “We are open to abuse, I do not dispute that.”

FlexKom explained:

The idea is that shoppers upload a mobile app which allows them to get cashback in stores that are affiliated to FlexKom.

This is not real money or a discount, it’s virtual “Flexmoneys” that can only be spent in shops that use FlexKom.

Shops are supposed to benefit by getting more customers, attracted by the cashback – but they have to pay FlexKom a fee equal to the cashback they give to customers.

It costs up to £2,000 for a licence to sign up shops to the scheme, and you get a cut of sales in return.

Below is a link to a Document which Flexkom have sent giving answers to some of the journalists questions:

Statement Daily Mirror_final

And finally here is Ian Driscolls response to the portrayal below:

I was contacted by e-mail from Mr Andrew Pennman in regards to the Flexkom Business, who is an Investigative Journalist for The Daily Mirror. In that e-mail he questioned me, my background and the Flexkom Business. I was more than willing to meet with him.

I had Flexkom provide a response in a statement to all of his questions regarding Flexkom. He did not report that I was fully open and wanted to meet with him. He uses the phrase “Too Good to be true” but work and effort are required in everything we do to create success. Once received, I arranged a meeting with Penman in Bradford. I firstly questioned him on his factual knowledge of how the Referral Businesses and the Direct Sales Industry worked and was quite shocked at his lack of knowledge in both Industries and had to explain to him how they worked, as I said I was shocked !!!

I openly discussed with him my background and bared my soul. Yes I have been in Referral Marketing for 25 years and Direct Sales for 15 years and have run my own conventional business for 30 years and to my knowledge Pennman has been in a JOB for his career.

My research on Andrew Pennman revealed that as an Investigative Journalist all I can find is complete negativity in all he reports. I do not deny that in some of these cases it has been for the common good and some people have been exposed for running scams. Indeed whilst I was with him I gave information on some unscrupulous schemes that are currently running in the UK and certainly hope that he will act upon this information.

The article that he printed would never have been positive no matter what because as we all know full well negative articles sell. So whilst many of his comments as usual were taken from context but I am not perturbed by the Article as it is simply his opinion on things. As a small business owner for 30 years my mission is to help the SME (Small Medium Enterprise) i.e. Family Businesses and Start Up companies to have a highly effective Mobile Marketing Platform to communicate with their customers and have a digital loyalty alongside. When Pennman asked me what if the shops don’t pay us I did say: “We are open to abuse, I do not dispute that.” but I followed that with ” Because I do not believe that the business owners as a whole are thieves ”

So the good news is that we can make that Article look nonsense as we move forward in the UK and the rest of the world. I have nothing against Andrew Pennman and I got on with him quite well. But for all the tea in China I could not be embroiled in the negative side of life and people as a JOB. I do recommend to Andrew that he Reads Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill as that book changed my life 30 years ago. I am more than happy to speak with anyone!!!!!

I wanted to give Andrew the FlexApp so that he can keep a check on our progress to have on his phone but when I checked he had a phone that ran on steam and admitted to me ” I am not into this technologies ” So I could not do that. He took a picture on this Phone and e-mailed me back saying it did not come out and requested that I send him another picture; that I did. I was more than fair with them and feel I did not get that back in return, but hey the British Press!!


Flexkom Pushes Ahead In The UK And Many Other Countries

It is now Feb 23rd and Flexkom is really beginning to build momentum and pick up speed in the UK and lots of other key areas of the world. There are around 200 Kobis now set up here in the UK, they are live so the system is fully operational.

We will look back on this time with great affection in the future as we realise that this was the time when all our dreams were starting to come to fruition. There have been roadblocks set up to derail us and issues that have needed to be ironed out, which is only to be expected when you are dealing with a brand new venture such as Flexkom. Let us not forget that there is no precedent for a company such as Flexkom, we have moved into uncharted territory so with having said that there were always going to be challenges but most of these are now firmly in the past.

There have been casualties in the Flexkom family where the weak have fallen by the wayside but the people who have shown resolve are now going to benefit massively from the expansion of Flexkom in the coming weeks, months and years. We now have KTM`s on board in the UK, and these people along with our strong team of Global Team Members can really push forward and promote Flexkom all across the country.

Flexkom is growing rapidly in other countries such as France and the USA and the bandwagon is really beginning to roll now throughout the world. So if you are not promoting Flexkom 24/7 at this point you really need to take a look at your priorites as the work you put in in the next few months will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life. We look forward to great success both here and the rest of the world.


Latest Flexkom News

Flexkom Info from Ian Driscoll, Feb 2nd 2014:

What a great week we have had in Flexworld. The KTM meeting in Bristol was a WOW and we will know how that has gone in the near future. Flex Kobi’s are coming in every day now and we will soon have the E-Kiss system also. Lesley and I leave on Tuesday the 4th February to Trinidad and Tobago for the Launch of Phase 3 over there. All the Licences have been allocated so we have the required GTM’s over there. So its now to the shops for them. We return on the 13th February to the UK.

On the 15th of February we have a Country Managers meeting in Paris and then there is the main meeting in Paris on Sunday the 16th at:

 Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center
17 Boulevard Saint Jacques · Paris, 75014 France

As you can see things are moving at a rapid pace now and we all look forward to a great future with Flexkom.


A PodCast From Ian Driscoll, 30/01/14

KTM Meeting Information. We had a great couple of meetings on Wed 29th Jan in Bristol, and here is the info for you.

I really am moving on, I have now done a PodCast, wwwoooowwww !!! So I am moving forward big time!!

Please get this info out to your GTM’s and Contacts ASAP. Watch the PodCast below:

Ian Driscoll PodCast 30th Jan


Good News For The POS 3.5 Kobi Units In The UK

I have been in talks with the Flexkom Board regarding the current POS 3.5 units in the UK, and I have some great news.

Flexkom will now allocate 100 Flexkom cards with 2 Flexmonies. So if a Kobi has bought cards they will still of course get the 100 cards. This means that the POS 3.5 comes with 100 Cards and 5000 apps. The POS 4S has 100 cards and 1000 Apps.

So you can work out the best unit for the early engagers? You got it, its the 3.5 Unit. WE have plenty more good news soon as we move forwards.


A Message From Ian Driscoll, 19/01/14

Well what a week! I met Peter Grunewald at Manchester Airport and went to the Kobi’s in the Manchester area with Abbie. Ian and Des from HJS Print were with us also. We have done the updates to the first POS and they now do everything that the New POS 4 S do. We answered the questions that the GTM’s and the Shop owners had and put up some window stickers and left leaflets with them.

Then straight down to Birmingham with Ifaan, doing the same with the Brmingham Kobi’s so we did not finish till 12.00 at night but had a great meal at La Favorita.  A great deal was learned by Peter and myself. Next day straight down to Bristol with Tony and Adrian around the Bristol Kobi’s starting with Jodies Stems Florist and all the other shops there. Then on to Cheltenham and the start of the Kobi’s there also. I took videos in many of the Kobi’s and we should have them on Flex TV. I am very impressed with what our brilliant team have achieved and Peter is also very impressed with our achievement. I had a real heart to heart with Peter and have a deeper understanding of Flexkom and the mission.

As most of you know Flexkom now have a new position of Kobi Team Member. It is another innovative move that separates us from the MLM industry. It opens Flexkom to business people that know a good deal when they see one. So if you know a Business Person that perhaps purchases Property or Stocks and shares etc it would be well worth discussing the KTM option with them.

We do not use the word ” Investor ” as that gives the wrong impression. Any GTM or GTM VIP can register a KTM. The option is that they can purchase either 5 POS or 10 POS units. As far as we know the 5 units will be €325 each and the 10 will be €299 each and we are unsure of the VAT implications. GTM’s can also be a KTM. A KTM will also be able to upgrade to a GTM with a payment. A GTM / GTM VIP will receive €500 as long as the 10 units are placed in a Kobi within 30 days. Slovenia is the only country right now that can have a KTM. After the Presentation by Asker Sakinmaz on the 29th Jan in Bristol we will know all the ins and outs. 

As we know this is a very exciting time for all of us involved with Flexkom as our plans come to fruition. Don`t miss out and push this opportunity as hard as you can so that you reap the rewards in the near future.

Watch Flexkom Take Off In The UK As The Trial Period Finishes & The System Goes Live!!

Jan 16th, 2014. 

Yesterday we moved a very significant step forward in the UK as the FlexPOS systems started to get upgraded and were set to start giving cashback in the form of FlexMoney to all FlexKom customers who have either a FlexApp or FlexCard. The trial period is now well and truly behind us and we can now move full steam ahead with the full business system in working order. 


The first Flexkobi in the UK to be upgraded was the Jaipur Restaurant in Hyde, Manchester. We were fortunate to have Peter Grunewald, the Chief Technical Officer of Flexkom, with us yesterday and he helped us set up the upgrade of the FlexPOS units and ensured that everything was in good working order. 

Below is a picture of Abbie Mukith, partner in the Jaipur Restaurant, with Peter Grunewald of Flexkom:


There are absolutely no excuses now for any partners in Flexkom, whether they be Global Partners or retailers who have taken up the opportunity to become a Flexkobi, not to push forward and promote the business model so that everyone can start to benefit from it. If we all work hard now for the next few months we can really make a difference around our communities and create a buzz around this great service. If we can do this there will be plenty of profits to go around for everyone, and the harder we work the more we will profit. 

All the Flexkobis in the UK should be upgraded in the next week or so and have all the information to make their system live and working so that their Flexkom customers can start to benefit from having a Card or an App. And the more we spread the word, the more customers and retailers and partners will come on board and the more commissions everyone will earn.

During the trial period there has been some glitches and obstacles to overcome, which was to be expected as don`t forget this is a unique and brand new system that has never been tested before so there has been some trial and error. Most of this is now behind us though and we can all be proud that we are part of a new and pioneering global shopping model that is now here and is now live in the UK and across many parts of Europe and the world.

Ian and Peter spent their day in Manchester with some of the Flexkobis there, and then went on in the evening to Birmingham and met some more Flexkobi partners there to help them out. Today they moved on to Bristol. The work is being put in on the ground to help all Flexkom representatives, all that is required is for that hard work to be reciprocated. 

Below are some more pictures of some of the first Flexkobis that Peter Grunewald and Ian helped to upgrade yesterday in the Manchester area. They are very fortunate to be some of the first, and have the opportunity to build a fantastic business in partnership with Flexkom:

Ian Driscoll & Peter Grunewald outside Jaipur Restaurant in Hyde

Ian Driscoll & Peter Grunewald outside Jaipur Restaurant in Hyde


Ian and the owner Mr Ali outside the Barakat Balti, Manchester.

Ian and the owner Mr Ali outside the Barakat Balti, Manchester.

Ian with Abbie & Mohammed at Premier Travel

Ian with Abbie & Mohammed at Premier Travel

The Sweet Express Flexkobi in Denton, Manchester.

The Sweet Express Flexkobi in Denton, Manchester.

The owner outside Cinnamon, his Indian Take Away in Eccles, also a Flexkobi.

The owner outside Cinnamon, his Indian Take Away in Eccles, also a Flexkobi.

Ian & Peter point to the new Flexkom sign on Ians car

Ian & Peter point to the new Flexkom sign on Ians car


How M Commerce Is Changing The Shopping Experience

Here is another good video which is all about how Mobile Commerce is changing peoples way of shopping. By the end of this year it is believed that there will be more mobile devices than people and that 29% of people in the UK now use their mobile phones for shopping and/or price comparison checking. 

Any business that is ignoring the relentless advance of mobile technology and commerce is going to be left way behind very quickly, so all the more reason to promote Flexkom as a truly M-Commerce and E-Commerce company that is at the forefront of Mobile Commerce advancement. 

See the video below:

The Power Of Mobile Advertising

Smartphones are becoming the most important possession for people worldwide and it is becoming increasingly clear that mobile commerce is going to be THE biggest new trend of the next few months and years. 

As we know Flexkom are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this opportunity and become a global business in a short space of time. Take a look at the video below which gives more details on the power of the smartphone and mobile commerce:

Why Mobile Represents The Biggest Opportunity For A Generation

The following video from Stuart Murray expands on the reasons why mobile is going to be THE main mover and shaker for this present generation and that the only way to survive and prosper is to embrace it. As he says:

“It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, from the fact that right now only about 10% of businesses have a mobile friendly website, to the explosive growth we are going to see in mobile payments, mobile is going to be MASSIVE! Virtually every metric you see is double digit, treble digit or even quadruple digit growth.”

Take a look at the short video below:

Below is a link to a very good article in The Obtainer, published Nov 27th, about Flexkoms recent award from them and about FlexApp Mobile Technology:

The Obtainer Article Nov 27th


Flexkom Say Thank You To The Flexkom `Family` For Their Assistance In Winning The Most Innovative Product Award

Below is a statement from Flexkom thanking everyone who helped them launch the Flexkom brand and giving details on their future plans and targets:


We express our sıncere gratıtude to the Founder of Obtaıner, Michael Sander and the Jury from over 5 contınents from the Polıtıcal, Industrıal, Medıa Sectors and Dırect Sellıng Assocıatıons for awardıng FlexKom as the most ınnovatıve Product Company ın 2012/13.

We want to say a bıg “Thank You” to the FlexKom Family worldwıde. We have ınnovated the best Product for the World and now we are launchıng this Product in the next years worldwıde. Our goal to help more than 100,000 partners to attaın fınancıal freedom and more than 500 Million customers enjoy a more meanıngful lıfe wıth a better standard of lıvıng and lıfestyle. Thıs automatıcally creates an arena for our Charıty Chıld Foundatıon, where we zealously help chıldren to reach and attaın a better and more refıned lıfe. 

We Benefıt People —–

Board of Dırectors
FlexKom International Holding AG”

Flexkom Most Innovative Product Award


Breaking News: Flexkom Receive Prestigious Award For Best Product Innovation From Direct Selling Magazine In Dubai

For more information on this take a look at the link below: 



flexkom updates



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