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You have reached our FlexCom Updates Page which is definitely one of the most important pages on the website. On this page you are going to get information fresh off the press on all things FlexCom.

This can include updated information on new FlexCom products, new , new launches, or information or ideas on how best to promote the FlexCom brand across the UK and the rest of the world.

We are in the fortunate position of being in at the start of this exciting new business just before it becomes a worldwide known brand, and we can make the most of it by keeping in touch with all the new developments that are coming out from this innovative new company. The more information we have the more we can put this knowledge to our use and promote the company and ourselves in the process.

The fact that FlexCom is a relatively new business, combined with the fact that it is involved in the newest technological advances, means that the company is a fast moving and continually evolving company, so you need to keep pace with them by keeping in touch with all the new developments, and this is where we come in.

So please watch this space!!

Here is a link to the latest FlexCom Newsletter published on 29th Dec 2014. In it you will find information on FlexAtion which goes ahead on Jan 17th, which is going to launch the Micro Jobber concept, and also information on the Shareholder Incentive for pioneers. Click on the following link:

FlexCom Newsletter Dec 29th


UK FlexCom Presentation With Volker Wainig 27th Nov 2014

Check out the video below of a presentation by Volker Wainig, who gives a short 30 minute talk on why FlexCom is in the perfect position to benefit from the growing global trend in smartphone usage and mobile commerce. He talks of how everyone with previous involvement with FlexCom and who have maybe put the business on the back burner need to now come to the party and make sure they attend the FlexAtion event on Jan 17th 2015 in Germany. 

FlexCom Response To Negative Comments & Accusations

At the link below you can read FlexCom`s response to the negative comments and the misinformation that is currently doing the rounds. Unfortunately as with anything new and groundbreaking there will be people who do not want the status quo to be changed and so they will do anything in their power to stop this. Here is the link, please excuse the poor translation:

FlexCom Statement

Please Click This Link To Find Out The Truth On The Internet Rubbish: FlexCom Newsletter.

Also please note that the Flexation Event is on the 17th January 2015.

And you can read a piece on FlexCom in the Telegraph And Argus at the following link: http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/business/open_the_doors/


Andrew Penman Hatchet Job

As the article by Andrew Penman which was in The Mirror a few months ago is still riding high in the rankings I would like to again put my viewpoint forward to defend myself against his extremely skewed arguments.

And maybe if he revisited the business and realised that such as Bristol Rovers are now a FlexKom partner and there are Flexkobis all around the UK he might just have second thoughts?!

The article can be found at Penman Checks Out Flexkom  and my response to it can be seen below:

I was contacted by e-mail from Mr Andrew Pennman in regards to the Flexkom Business, who is an Investigative Journalist for The Daily Mirror. In that e-mail he questioned me, my background and the Flexkom Business. I was more than willing to meet with him.

I had Flexkom provide a response in a statement to all of his questions regarding Flexkom. He did not report that I was fully open and wanted to meet with him. He uses the phrase “Too Good to be true” but work and effort are required in everything we do to create success. Once received, I arranged a meeting with Penman in Bradford. I firstly questioned him on his factual knowledge of how the Referral Businesses and the Direct Sales Industry worked and was quite shocked at his lack of knowledge in both Industries and had to explain to him how they worked, as I said I was shocked !!!

I openly discussed with him my background and bared my soul. Yes I have been in Referral Marketing for 25 years and Direct Sales for 15 years and have run my own conventional business for 30 years and to my knowledge Pennman has been in a JOB for his career.

My research on Andrew Pennman revealed that as an Investigative Journalist all I can find is complete negativity in all he reports. I do not deny that in some of these cases it has been for the common good and some people have been exposed for running scams. Indeed whilst I was with him I gave information on some unscrupulous schemes that are currently running in the UK and certainly hope that he will act upon this information.

The article that he printed would never have been positive no matter what because as we all know full well negative articles sell. So whilst many of his comments as usual were taken from context but I am not perturbed by the Article as it is simply his opinion on things. As a small business owner for 30 years my mission is to help the SME (Small Medium Enterprise) i.e. Family Businesses and Start Up companies to have a highly effective Mobile Marketing Platform to communicate with their customers and have a digital loyalty alongside. When Pennman asked me what if the shops don’t pay us I did say: “We are open to abuse, I do not dispute that.” but I followed that with ” Because I do not believe that the business owners as a whole are thieves ”

So the good news is that we can make that Article look nonsense as we move forward in the UK and the rest of the world. I have nothing against Andrew Pennman and I got on with him quite well. But for all the tea in China I could not be embroiled in the negative side of life and people as a JOB. I do recommend to Andrew that he Reads Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill as that book changed my life 30 years ago. I am more than happy to speak with anyone!!!!!

I wanted to give Andrew the FlexApp so that he can keep a check on our progress to have on his phone but when I checked he had a phone that ran on steam and admitted to me ” I am not into this technologies ” So I could not do that. He took a picture on this Phone and e-mailed me back saying it did not come out and requested that I send him another picture; that I did. I was more than fair with them and feel I did not get that back in return, but hey the British Press!!


Cengiz has put together a brilliant strategy to assist the UK Teams to make some serious income. Now that we are in the position of having many many Kobi’s around the UK and shopping income is flowing with a fully working system the time is now !!!
The fantastic news is that my good friend Volker Wainig, the CEO for the USA, is going to be heading up the POWER TEAM for the UK (Yes he speaks great English LOL). Until this Wednesday the 6th August you can decide to change your life by enrolling for the POWER TEAM and be coached by Volker. So Please read this offer ( You then e-mail the address given in the info for your place to be held for you ) Winners find a way.
We will then be having a Webinar on Fri or Sat night to run through the agenda for this. Remember there are limited places available and it will be great for you to be in touch with Volker !!!!!!!

Check out this link to a PDF giving you Power Team Info: POWER TEAM INFO

Moving Forward With Flexkom

Looking at Flexkom, particularly from a UK perspective, it is clear that there have been some significant strides forward over the last few weeks and months and now it is all systems go. The business model is now fully operational, and GTM`s are beginning to see the fruits of their labours with commissions beginning to roll in (as long as they have ensured the Kobis they have opened have fully understood how to run the POS machines, how the system works and how it will benefit them both in the short and long term if they actively promote Flexkom to their customers). 

Looking at areas of the UK on the Flexkom App it is very encouraging to see so many Kobis in many of our major towns and cities, the initial breakthrough has been made and so it is now a lot easier task to promote Flexkom to other potential Kobis when they can clearly see that other businesses are coming on board. 

There are certain essential steps that all Global Team Members should be taking to ensure they get the fullest rewards from their Flexkom business: 

  • The more Kobis you open the more commissions you will earn which seems kind of obvious but the obvious is not always acted upon. Actively promote the business and you will reap the rewards.

  • Once you get a Kobi on board it is absolutely imperative to help him get up and running. Stay with him until he is fully conversant with his POS machine and remind him of the benefits of promoting Flexkom.

  • Help him promote Flexkom by giving him some support and giving out some Cards and/or Apps and ensuring the customers are fully informed of the uses and benefits.

  • Ensure the Kobi has enough promotional materials to help him promote his Flexkom business by using the fully compliant leaflets, window decals etc available.

  • After this initial support for the Kobi do not go away and leave them to their own devices but call on them (at least once a week initially) to ensure there are no problems and they are actively promoting the business. 

  • Always, always ask for referrals from your Kobis. These warm leads are worth 10 of any other type of lead so do everything in your power to encourage them to give you as many leads as they possibly can. 

  • If there are any issues at any time with either a POS or a FlexApp etc deal with them as swiftly as possible. People can cope with glitches as long as they know you are doing everything you can to help them. 

  • The more people you can get involved with the business the better as building a team is a much quicker way to building a large business from Flexkom  than just opening Kobis all by yourself.

  • Have a weekly plan of action and have targets to hit each week and each month.

  • Rinse and Repeat and most of all enjoy yourself!! Give yourself a big pat on the back for being a visionary, seeing an opportunity, taking action and helping your local business area improve their customer base and profits. 

Here is a very interesting and must see article about how most UK SME`s lack any sort of mobile presence. This of course can easily be remedied by inviting them to join Flexkom.

Here is the link: SME`s Lack Mobile Presence 

The World Financial Situation

Below is a link to a very powerful PDF called The Big Reset (War On Gold And The Financial Endgame). This is well worth a read and should open your eyes as to what is exactly going on and what the future may hold for us all.

Financial Endgame PDF

M-Commerce To Play Vital Role In UK Sales Over The Next Decade

The Economic Intelligence Unit has brought out a new report which is the result of predictions regarding online shopping up to 2022.

And it makes very interesting reading indeed. E-Commerce is predicted to be on the increase dramatically along with M-Commerce and S-Commerce (social media sales). It shows that online purchases will probably make up more than a third of all sales in the UK by 2022, which is quite astonishing. At present M-Commerce, E-Commerce and S-Commerce account for approximately 10% of all sales in the UK.

Chief retail analyst of the Economic Intelligence Unit, Jon Copestake, had this to say about the trend for online sales:

“The opportunities for retail over the next decade and beyond are enormous.” However, he also went on to say “But where the future markets will reside and the way in which we will buy goods will change dramatically. Retailers will need to evolve to adapt to this new landscape.”

For more information on this story check out the link at Mobile Commerces Vital Role


Message From Ian:

When you go to your Kobi’s, show them how easy it is for them to pay Flexkom the Cashback so that it turns Green on the Customers App:

Log into Kobi back office
Go To Finance
Go to Account

Go to Sales and confirm the payments by ticking those that are required and click Confirm Selected Sales
Then go to Confirmed Sales and it will show how much is to be paid to Flexkom. Continue and it takes you to the Pay by Card Option. Simply put the Card Details in and confirm and it is done.
The Kobi will get a statemant of the transactions so full records are there.

This Process takes 2 mins and the Kobi customers will in seconds see that their Flexmoney is Green AND CAN BE USED
Simples!! I ACTIVATED SOME TEST TRANSACTIONS TODAY and the GTM’s can see them as usable cash

So we have the full working system and things will go on improving all the time I am 100% sure of that.

YEEEESSSSSSSS!! As soon as the Kobi pays Flexkom the customers transaction is GREEN and more than that in your back office you see payments to YOU for people shopping at their local shops, and you get paid on that. It is a Vision I have had for 20 years and after many companies tried to do this Flexkom have succeeded. So proportionate to the number of Kobi’s you have brought on board you now have Residual Income For Life. FILL YOUR BOOTS YOU FLEXERS WE REALLY ARE GONNA ROCK!!

PS Don`t forget to order at least 1 Kobi Pack for each Kobi you have on board, to order 

Click On Kobi Pack Order Form 

Check Out These Statistics To See The Growth Of Ecommerce & M-Commerce & The Huge Potential Of Flexkom

There has never been a better opportunity for retailers to promote their business to a wider audience, get more customers to their business and sell more of their products and services than there is at this moment in time. All the statistics point to a huge growth in Mobile Commerce and Ecommerce over the next weeks, months and years.

People are beginning to feel more comfortable shopping online, and with the smartphone taking on more and more importance in the lives of such a large percentage of the worlds population, it is only natural that they are now using their smartphones to purchase their products directly. 

Lets look at a few statistics, which have been taken from a number of sources:

  • Around 50% of online sales are expected to be made by mobile phone by the end of this year

  • Around 30% of shoppers now change their mind about purchasing an item in-store after researching on their mobile phone

  • Ecommerce spending is expected to reach the staggering total of £45 billion in the UK this year

  • An increase of 15% in online spending this year is expected

  • 1 in 5 people will place an immediate call to a business after viewing it on their smartphone

The major companies are now working hard to use all the latest digital technology available to them to promote their products and services. Many, such as M&S and Amazon, are re-designing their websites, particularly their mobile and ecommerce platforms, to reflect the new trend in mobile shopping. 

Take Starbucks for instance, they launched a promotional campaign called Tweet-A-Coffee.


Mobile Commerce

In 2011 Starbucks developed an App that would accept mobile payments, and would allow customers to connect Starbucks cards to the App, and then reload them through PayPal or a credit card. In this way customers could then pay for their coffees in Starbucks by opening up their App and holding up their phone to the cash register. This was way ahead of its time.   

They have now launched their Twitter campaign called Tweet-A-Coffee, which allows customers to buy a coffee for anyone on Twitter by tweeting @tweetacoffee along with the persons twitter handle. In doing this and connecting their Starbucks account to their Twitter account they can get a $5 gift card. This promotion is believed to have generated over $180,000 worth of sales in just a couple of months. 

So as you can see the big companies are running with the new technology at a fast pace, it is up to the small to medium retailers to keep pace by harnessing the global power of Flexkom and joining a worldwide shopping community that is going to be using all the latest digital technology to promote and grow all its Kobi partners businesses. 

If you are a retailer and want a low cost, simple way to harness all the latest technology and use it to your businesses advantage, then contact us today for more information.