Flexkom In Trinidad And Tobago

Ian Promotes The Flexkom Business On TV In Trinidad And Tobago

Ian Driscoll has been out to Trinidad And Tobago, and he was featured on TV on the show Morning Edition on TV6, under the heading “Mobile Commerce Comes To Region”. This was an excellent promotional exercise for the company as Ian was able to give an indepth preview of Flexkom to a nationwide audience.

Ian talked about how the Flexkom business operates and how it has evolved from its beginnings in Turkey, and he was given time to really explain the Flexkom business model to the presenter.

This interview was recorded before Ian did a presentation at the Signature Hall in Trinidad on July 21st.

Please take the time to see the video below:

Also take a look at this article in the Trinidad & Tobago newspaper, Newsday, which has an excellent article on Flexkom. To see the article click on the following link:


Here are some photos from the Conference in Trinidad And Tobago:

Ian Driscoll

Trinidad Conference

Ian Driscoll

Ian Driscoll

Ian Driscoll

Ian Driscoll

Trinidad Flexkom Conference

Flexkom Conference

Flexkom In Trinidad

Flexkom Conference

Ian In Trinidad And Tobago Business Magazine

Ian has also been featured in Trinidad And Tobago`s No.1 Newspaper Business Magazine, Trinidad Express Newspapers on July 30th 2013, under the heading “Thanks For Shopping With Me”.

Again this was a very positive article and it gave Ian the chance to once again get over what a boost the Flexkom service could give to individual retailers in Trinidad and the economy as a whole.

You can read the article at the link below:



2 Responses to Flexkom In Trinidad And Tobago


    Ian… thank you for going out to T & T (and at your own expense) to ensure that this country was given the service and attention required to open this country re FLEXKOM.. as you know with myself being the sponsor of Anderson Goddard and you and Lesley being my sponsor it was remarkable that you would also do that for my sake as I was most certainly unable to go out to T & T alone… This was remarkable of you to do that and also a big thank you to that Special Lady … Lesley who is my sponsor for her hard work behind the scenes that no one really sees or realises just how much she does for everyone. T & T are now well on the Map with Flexkom and thank you for doing what you have done for both Anderson, his team and myself. Flexkom is a great company with great business opportunity for everyone who is attached to flexkom be it a franchisee or a business owner. SO MAKE SURE YOU DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY. A VERY BIG THANK YOU FROM: MARGARET & DAVID CORNWALL.

  2. Rickey says:

    Trinidad and Tobago is part of the Flexkom family. This is the time to become a member.

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