About Us

I am Ian Driscoll and I live in Skipton in Yorkshire in the UK. I have experience of many business opportunities and have had great success from many of them, but I must confess I have never come across one that has such enormous potential as Flexkom.

When I flew over to see the owners at Flexkom I was struck by their enthusiasm, ambition and more importantly the Flexkom business model which is proving such a success. To get involved in this business at this early stage is a wonderful opportunity for anyone so I am delighted to have come on board and will do my best to promote Flexkom to as many people as possible.

Flexkom are looking to become one of the largest companies in the world over the next few years, and there is no reason why they won`t achieve this with their innovative system, blending offline retail with online commerce. I do hope you join me, and you can do this by contacting me by email or by filling in the form on the site.