Statement Of Fact From Ian Driscoll Re FlexKom International


Please find with sadness this account of events regarding Flexcom and my involvement with this company. My intention is not to steal anyone’s dreams or goals, but as usual gossip rumour and people making things up to say as they go along is now rife. People in Europe that have nothing to do with this have been interfering!!!! So in order to put the record straight is why I do this. I advised Flexcom that I would have to do this and hoped that we would announce this jointly but they have refused to have contact with me and for saving my Home and Family no regards. So to answer all the people that are asking me what is happening.

I was working with another Company that was going well off the rails and had issues. My confidence with this company collapsed in August 2012 due to several things that happened. I was advised by them to promote for other companies and when I started Promotion for Flexcom they closed my whole account down after saying that they would not do that !!! So We took legal actions against them for breach of all contracts. This legal case led to the Winding up of this company a full Global Liquidation ensued and still is ongoing with the people all being investigated under oath and the outcome will be forthcoming. I wanted to stop people being scammed and losing more and more monies with them as they were Internet based products a smoke sceen had been set up. So I wanted to get back to my roots with a product driven company

So 22 people went to Turkey to attend an Academy Event by Flexcom and to see the shops that were using the Flexcom Cashback System. At that event a conversation with the Board and we were invited to become the UK Country Manager to provide Promotion and support to assist Flexcom to expand into the UK. I saw that their Vision to create a Global Cashback System that helped customers save money, the Business Owners to generate more customers and the Partners to make a good monthly Income !! So things seemed perfect and this was October 2012. I asked at that time why it could not be just a software based system and was told that it had to be a POS based system !?!? I am not prepared to go into all the challenges ongoing from there, but they were considerable. Communication was the biggest of all. By working around the clock and doing miles of travelling and flying all over we developed a large International Team of Partners. The first Major issue was in August 2013 when Flexcom launched their Flexapp and it was a disaster and simply would not work. Lots of people at that point lost all belief in Flexcom and joined another Company.

That is not even counting the May 2013 POS 2 issue with 100 people coming to a Meeting at Heathrow to learn how to use the POS 2 ( Plastic Box ) to at that point be told that they would not be going into any shops !! So the point of that was ????

Then in November 2013 Flexcom after 12 months launched their POS 3 units. Whilst we have the issues I thought that Flexcom would get there in the end. We purchased 230 of the POS 3 / 4 machines to ensure that we would have units available. Hardly anyone could afford to buy them so we allowed people around the UK to obtain the units FOC. Some People did take advantage of our offer and others also abused it I am afraid but at least we did have the POS units in shops around the UK and showing on the App. And me going all round the UK grinding the base plates on the POS 3 so the Camera could see the cards again all at our expense. Many more issues developed and I also admit that some of them were not down to Flexcom, but were legal issues on a global scale. Then after the complete failures in America Volker Wainig became responsible for 3 countries with the UK being one of them. Volker then announced the creation of the Power Team if people did certain criteria. The people that did achieve this were simply then ignored with nothing being done for them. Volker announced at the Meeting he did in Birmingham that people had to STOP putting the POS into the shops. So my personal apologies to the Power Team members and all of the people that bought the KTM POS units “ Concept “ and they are sat in your houses not in the shops, losing money not making money. Then came Flexation and the people that attended were so very disappointed and we then got yet another “ Concept “ the WeeConomy.

Well I did NOT join Flexcom to be a WeeJobber at all. So due to the fact that the merchants can now have a simple download on their Smart Phone Laptop or Tablet it really means that the POS units are not even required anymore. So due to people simply giving up with Flexcom over that period there was not much left at all.

I get pitched on 10 businesses a day and so many are just rubbish. I like to stay focused on one. So in November last year Lesley was invited to look at a European Cosmetics company that were looking to come into the UK. Due to the fact that we needed to generate some income having spent £230,000 of our own money ( Flexcom have not put even one penny into the UK ) in Promoting and Supporting Flexcom and the Partners in our Global teams. Having always to request and request monies from our back office to be paid. I am sick and tired of requesting monies that people in the teams earned but Flexcom would not pay out. I have been trying to find out and have paid to the SD’s and ND bonuses from 2013 & 2014 and NONE of that Bonus has been paid AT ALL. That is one of my biggest issues with Flexcom NO ONE HAS MADE MONEY in over Two and a Half years We all joined Flexcom to make money not lose money did we not ??

So We told Flexcom that Lesley has seen another Company that is NOT competitive to Flexcom in any way as it’s a Cosmetics Company and it would be that I would support her as we will end up bankrupt without generating some income as all my eggs were in the Flexcom basket and that is wobbly to say the least. So in November when we asked Volker was that ok the answer came back as OK. Then gossip started of course so we had another Skype conversation with Volker and Rudolf Englesburger I offered to stand down as UK Country Manager if Flexcom felt that there was conflict and I could then continue as ND to work with Flexcom so common sense and reason would prevail. I was then given the most outrageous proposed agreement that in order that Flexcom would pay the outstanding monies in my back office I had to sign to agree in essence that I would not do ANY other type of Networking Business and was NOT ever allowed to assist Lesley in her business either.
I have never heard anything like it in my life. My Lawyer even had a laugh at that one because if they want to control my entire life it is unlawful that I am not allowed to make money, This was a clear case of holding me to ransom in order to acquire monies that Flexcom were owing to me. What kind of ethics are these ??

It follows that I of course would not agree to that would you ????? So what happened next was yet another shock that people that I have tried to deal with for two and a half years then chose to BLOCK ACCESS to my back office and refuse to communicate with me at all !!!. Despite several weeks in attempting communication with them nothing!! I have been awaiting a conversation with Volker since Flexation along with the Flexphone and was told he was busy ( Since the 19th January Yea sure ) ! and the phone that was paid for and promised still is not delivered along with the vision. So Volker looked to get someone else in the UK to carry the flag and give a reward to them that was not deserved in any way as you will start to see. I could recount so many things along the way of other things that are NOT RIGHT. No one in the UK has made money with Flexcom, people have only lost money to greater and lesser extents, please inform me if I am wrong on this

Suffice it to say that after two and a half years of our total dedication to the Flexcom Vision around the world £230,000 of our money that has been spent and my accounts prove that. Having everyone’s personal and bank details being compromised as per Data Protection flaws. Seeing some of the very best people I have known either walk away or get kicked out of Flexcom. I know reasons why many of the initial Country Managers are no longer with Flexcom I see the Partners suffer and request their money back it truly saddens my heart and soul to have to put this out for people. I am left with no choice but to work with Lesley ( She certainly has as you all know fully supported me with Flexcom ) to try to save the roof over our heads ( Flexcom have no care about that in refusing to pay what is rightly owed. Shame Shame Shame on them ) So while there are many things I have not put here and there are plenty more believe me, but I do not at this point wish to disclose right now. It also seems that there can be data protection issues related to the WeeJobber “ Concept “ Its not for me.
If you are prepared to continue with Flexcom I wish you good Luck
Flexcom did this not US !!!!!!!

Things should NEVER be like this and no one knows what next ! But there is no time to cry over spilt milk, lost time, money spent or hopes dashed. The only option is to move on and get back on a live horse and ride it. So that is how all this came about its “ Crazy “
We will of course continue in the Industry as we have done this for the last 25 years and help as many people as possible change their lives for the better and help and support people in the future with Lesley’s business in looking good and keeping slim and healthy.
Thank You Ian

PS Lesley is involved in a business called WELLSTAR which you can check out at the following link: