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A warm welcome to my website which is giving you information on FlexKom, a company that is going to be the future of business in the coming months and years. And a company that can give you a huge residual income in a matter of months.

Here is a WEBINAR FOR CLIENTS, by Ian Driscoll 26/02/2014, The Flexkom Business Model, to send to your friends and business people, the link is below:


Ian Driscoll

Ian Driscoll, UK Country Manager, Flexkom

I am Ian Driscoll and I am UK Country Manager for FlexKom International. I am looking for ambitious, professional people to develop the FlexKom brand in the UK. FlexKom was launched in 2010 in Turkey, and has been a resounding success.

The company is now branching out across Europe and beyond, and is looking for Global Partners to join them.

FlexKom International have created a new purchasing platform which allows Global Partners, retailers and customers to ALL benefit. This website has been created with the intention of giving you an introduction to the FlexKom business. Here is a 5 minute video which shows how YOU can benefit by becoming a Flexkom Global Partner:

So the benefits of being a Global Partner with FlexKom are potentially enormous and could earn you a huge passive income for life. A Global Partner can basically give Flexkom Cards or Flexkom Apps away and everytime anyone shops with one of these Cards or Apps they earn some money.

They can also introduce retailers to the business model, and if they sign up they also get an over-ride commission from all the sales that their customers make with their Flexcards or FlexApps. This business model is very simple and straightforward, everyone is a winner so it is an easy product to sell to people.

Flexkom Is Looking To Promote Their Business Worldwide

Flexkom wants to be a worldwide brand and help business growth for retailers all around the world. Take a look at the video below which shows Ian on the Morning Edition TV show in Trinidad and Tobago promoting the Flexkom business. This is well worth watching as Ian explains the Flexkom business perfectly and how it can create growth throughout the world.

Another excellent video can be viewed below and gives a very succinct presentation of the Flexkom business opportunity. This video comes from a source in the United States:

And here is another short video entitled Flexkom Explained In 2 Minutes, which is exactly what it does!

You can also read more about the FlexKom business model at the following link, where you will see that FlexKom was the cover story for The Obtainer in the March 2013 issue, and gave the company an extremely positive review:  The Obtainer

flex back 4

There are already over 3 million FlexKom users, the business model is a tried and tested success, it only leaves you to decide if you want to get involved.

So do you want to sit on the sidelines and watch someone else run with this opportunity, or do you want to strike whilst the iron is hot and earn the sort of money that you have only prevously dreamed of ?

I have now reached the position of National Director in a short space of time, and it is within everyones capability to do the same:

Ian Driscoll

There are only going to be a limited number of Global Partners in the UK, so there is no time to waste if you do want to be one. When you become a Global Partner you will get an exclusive area to operate in, the costs of joining are low but the potential rewards are the stuff that dreams are made of.


Flexkom Is A Very Real Business Model With Concrete Products And Services

Take a look at the following PDF from Schulenberg And Schenk Attorneys who have evaluated the marketing plan of Flexkom International Holdings and concluded that “the Flexkom marketing plan is not a multi-level marketing scheme but a legal system under the illustrated requirements”.Click on the link below:

FlexKom Evaluation-Schulenberg & Schenk

This is your chance to get involved in a company at the grass roots that is going to become a global phenomenon and is going to be “the future of business in the UK”. It is always the case that the people that get in a business early make the big money, and this is no different, so please get in contact today for more information about this outstanding opportunity.

Flexkom are pushing the boat out to get the best business people from as many countries as possible involved, and they are putting together a terrific team who are treated wonderfully well by the Flexkom management team. I was lucky enough to go to a Country Managers Meeting in Kreuzlingen which you can see excerpts from in the video link at  Country Managers Meeting

And you can also see a video of the last Country Managers Meeting at Country Managers Meeting Munich

I would very much like you to post about all things Flexkom or just make a comment by visiting our blog at http://flexcallworld.blogspot.co.uk/ You will also find regular updates on Flexkom about new events, products, launches and services at this blog.

The sooner you join our wonderful team the more chance you have of building a business that will last for the rest of your days. We look forward to you joining us.

Here is a recording of a webinar which was recorded on Wednesday June 26th, 2013. Please click on the link below to listen to it:

Ian Driscoll Webinar 26th June 2013   Copyright Ian Driscoll.

Below is a picture of the new POS 4S Flexkobi Terminal with a business card in front to show you the scale:


In the video below you can actually see a customer using his Flexkom App at a Flexkom Point Of Sale Terminal in a top restaurant in Leipzig, Germany and receiving his cashback in the form of FlexMoney to use at another Flexkobi anywhere in the world. This system is live and working right now!!

Asker Sakinmarz, Ian Driscoll and Simon Patmore enjoy a well earned meal!

Asker Sakinmarz, Ian Driscoll and Simon Patmore enjoy a well earned meal!

flexkom vision


This QR Code directs you to www.thefutureofbusinessintheuk.com

This QR Code directs you to www.thefutureofbusinessintheuk.com

Ian and Lesley Driscoll

Ian and Lesley Driscoll

flexkom international

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