Welcome To FlexCom. A Home Based Business With The Ability To Make You A Real Passive Income

FlexCom International have created a new purchasing platform which allows Global Team Members, retailers and customers to ALL benefit. But if you want to be a part of the new technological revolution, where M-Commerce, E-Commerce, Geo-Commerce and Social Commerce converge to create a unique new service then you need to get on board fast or miss out forever

Download The Blue Ocean Concept Q&A At The Following Link: 

FAQ Blue Ocean English Version

You can check out the latest presentation on FlexCom by Corporate Sales Executive Volker Wainig here:


I am Ian Driscoll, UK Country Manager of FlexCom
The company is branching out across Europe, in Africa, the West Indies and around the world
We are looking for ambitious, professional people to join us and develop the FlexCom brand. This business can potentially build you a huge residual income in a matter of months if you have the drive to help businesses set up a platform that can increase their customers and turnover very quickly. Check out the short 5 minute video below which will show you how YOU can benefit by becoming a Global Team Member with FlexCom
Stop Press!! Find Out About Our Unmissable FLEXATION EVENT on Jan 17th 2015 in Oberhausen in Germany. Check out the video at this link: FLEXATION  Also read about our new plans to create millions of jobs and bring in more customers and merchants to FlexCom, along with more info on FlexGold at Crowne Plaza Event
Below is a video of when I was on the Morning Edition TV show in Trinidad & Tobago promoting the FlexCom business. Watch it for a detailed explanation of FlexCom and how it can create growth around the world.

The Flex App

If you have not downloaded the Flexkom App onto your smartphone yet, which, amongst other things, will enable you to get cashback from purchases in any Flexkobi (Flexkom Retail Outlet) worldwide, and also to get information and directions to any Flexkobi that is in your vicinity at any particular time, please follow these instructions, then scan the QR Code to the right on your smartphone, and then follow the directions underneath:

First go to the Google Play Store if you have an android phone, or the Apple store if you have an iPhone and type in Flex App. Note: To have this as a speedy process choose Flex-Card as this will give you the Card App and you will be able to get your Cashback quickly but without any of the other optional services. You can download the full App, called Flex-App, at a later date, or if you wish download this first although it does take a little longer to install. 

Once installed you then need to scan the Flexkom QR Code on the right:

 You can click this link from your mobile phone to get the savings app: http://bit.ly/1FWCKrD

Once you have scanned the QR Code above this should take you to a screen which says “Please confirm your country code and enter mobile number. If you are from the UK you need to click on the button that should at first say Afghanistan, and then use the dropdown button to choose the UK country code which is listed as +44 Gros britannien. Put in your mobile phone number in the box below this without the 0 at the start, and then your email address below this and click Next.

Your 4 digit PIN number will then sent to you by email, so just input this PIN on the next screen and you are registered. The screen should now say Congratulations and give you a 16 digit virtual card number and the PIN, which you should take a note of. 

By using the 16 digit number as your Flex ID you will now be able to open up your FlexApp and log in, you will also need to input your phone number and PIN. Once logged in you will be given 2 Flexmoney which has been loaded onto your account and you will then be able to start using your FlexApp and also you will be able to share it with friends, family and colleagues.

You can also check out the 1 minute video kindly put on YouTube by Stuart Murray which shows you the easiest way to share the FlexApp with friends http://youtu.be/UEefxsQu3OY


You Can Sign Up Directly With FlexCom By Clicking On The Following Link:  Click Here

 You Can Also Find Out More Information On FlexCom By Filling In The Form Below

FlexGold has now been launched!! Contact me to find out how this can help you with the long term growth of your FlexCom business

Make Money from Home



Mobile Commerce Is The Future Of Business In The UK And The World & FlexCom Is At The Forefront Of This Revolution. Fortunes Are Going To Be Made, This Is Your Chance To Help Your Local Community And Get Your Share.

This video is from the United States and is a very succinct explanation of the FlexCom business model and the wonderful opportunity it provides to any business person.

SME`s by joining FlexCom can attract new customers for FREE who are looking for their niche… but  don’t even know they exist at present.  And they don`t pay for marketing unless a real paying customer buys from them.

SME`s can also get new customers who buy from them with loyalty credits from other merchants!! For Free!! And they can immediately send `todays special` to their existing and potential customers smartphones - even with video - for Free!! The clock is ticking, time to take action today.
If you have the drive, the ambition and the energy to take action and build a long term business that will pay you back a thousand times over then we would love to speak with you.

You can sit on the sidelines and believe that every day is going to be a rainy day

The bell tolls for you but will you take any notice?


This once in a lifetime opportunity is here for you now. Lightning doesn`t strike twice & if you do not act now your chance will be gone

If you have goals & procrastination you have nothing, if you have goals & take action you will have anything you want

FlexCom is THE business model for the 21st Century. A small investment can lead to a great future for you. Contact me today.

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